Celebrating 35 Years Of Solidarity

J K Foo Consortium celebrates their 35th anniversary with a keepsake book for their staff, friends and families.

The book archives the company’s growth through the years since its inauguration on 1983. Buildings that the company had once owned to the many celebrations that was held with staffs, friends and family alike, this book is a treasure filled with memories that would be passed on through generations.

The front and back cover portrays a distinct juxtaposition between groundbreaking and establishment.

Photographs are organised and group chronologically in relative to the events. The placement of the photographs corresponds to such of a scrapbook that brings out authenticity of the content alongside meaningful captions. Company anniversaries are given a coloured background marking a new progress to the company’s milestone.

Client: J K Foo Consortium Pte. Ltd.
Year: 2019
Genre: Editoral design

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